Dark Days

Friday 13 February 2015
6pm - 10am (Saturday 14 February)

Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA),
Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

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Dark Days is an event by Ellie Harrison offering one hundred people the unique opportunity to stay the night in GoMA’s great hall as part of a pop-up community. With help from a trained Facilitation Team, participants will explore ways to negotiate the politics of communal living, in order to decide how to set up and run their camp.

Borrowing its title from a phrase used in theatre to refer to the period in-between shows, Dark Days hints towards a time in the future when our big municipal buildings may need to be re-imagined / re-used for alternative purposes.

Dark Days is the outcome of Ellie Harrison's year as Associate Artist at GoMA, to coincide with the gallery's participation in her Early Warning Signs project.

Photo: ukbg (Jim Lambie, Forever Changes at GoMA in 2008)

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